Providing An En-To-End Solution


Providing An End-To-End Solution

Solar EPC is the type of service that our company provides, where you don’t have to source different services from different channels, rather the EPC provides it all.


Engineering- the panels are designed and customized that fits the needs of the client, it includes analyzing the requirements of the client, site survey, determine structural design and everything that helps in better understanding for designing the panels.


The raw materials are then sourced and are secured from renowned manufactures, simplifying the process of the installation.


Here the panels and the accessory are mounted and made sure that grid connectivity is secured and is in line to the existing power supply system.

Types of solar services

The panels are easy to install and reliable system which can be mounted on the rooftop of residential or commercial buildings, that directly feeds into the grid and a life time investment that helps save the electricity bill and the maintenance cost of the same is considered to be low.
Ground mounted

The solar panels here are mounted on the ground providing more exposure to capture the sunlight, and also benefits the use of the large scale space, since it is not limited. The panels are easily removable and lightweight. This suits best for the farms and yards.

These structure of panels are mounted on floating bodies like reservoir, lake, irrigation channels and tailing ponds. The use of buoyant materials make the panels able to stay on water also it avoids the usage of the valuable land reducing the need to cut down the trees and reduces algae blooms in the river bodies.
m About Us

Konark is a premier solar manufacturing company based in the United States, committed to offering exceptional solar products to both residential and commercial customers.